Resist Not Evil

Have you ever wondered what Jesus really meant when he spoke those words on the Mount to his disciples? If you believe he was God, then you must take his words to Heart. Now, he was either a crazed radical spouting nonsense … or he was who he said he was … and said what was accredited to him … so what was the intent of his words? – I’m sure most of you would call anyone who stated we should turn the other cheek after 9/11; and then let jihadists bomb LA … would have considered that person an Idiot … if not Treasonous.

But Jesus did say that, along with love your enemies and forgive those who persecute you … I reckon that what he was getting at was being capable of trusting in the Lord to the extent of being able to let anger, fears, and anxiety go quickly and turn your mind to thoughts of a constructive, truthful, and creative nature. The ability to wait – to be patient – trusting in the Lord to protect you while an answer becomes clear is of the utmost importance.

Another thought is the fact that evil, or satan, is real only in your mind when you are afraid. Fear is the absence of God in your life … all sins derive from the base Root of Fear. When a guy or gal is able to let go of all his or her fears, troubles and worries, then they are able to forgive themselves as well as others … especially when those others are your enemies to the knife.

News & Photos of Labor Day Weekend in Wyoming: Wind River Canyon, Thermopolis, Meeteetse, Cody, and Red Lodge, MT. There was a craft fair in Red Lodge, so Valerie and I drove up for the day. Our friend, Ken Meade, and his lady-friend Kathy (Sue passed away a year ago spring) are artists and had a booth there. Kathy makes dog beds out of Pendleton fabrics and Ken carves life-size cowboys and grizzlies with a chainsaw. Any day around Ken is a good day and we had a great time amongst some amazing artists — with gypsy belly-dancers entertaining the crowd.

Meeteetse had a large weekend celebration, with a parade, craft fair, horseshoe contests, drinking & dancing, and a rodeo on Labor Day. Of course, the Hot Springs State Park was filled with people, and the Wind River in the canyon offered up some large trout. Mighty good weekend — fitting for the memory of all those Labor Unions who made America great in the first place … and gave working people dignity and power, along with better wages.

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