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Howdy… I’m tickled plumb to death that you are visiting this website!

I’m not doing any more presentations for a while… at least not until the middle of September, if at all.

I would still like to promote the Cowboy Health Plan around the state and am willing to go until election day… I know this is the idea whose TIME HAS COME.

Right now, I’ve spent as much time and money on this go-round as I’m going to…

…now it’s up to you to contact someone you think might be able to help me. I need some financial and moral support from somewhere …

…not complaining; I’m fishing, going to local concerts, working around our beautiful oasis of a place, and just generally enjoying the retired life – even bought some golf clubs and balls.

God’s Speed,

30 Mustang Lane
Cody, WY 82414

Phone: 307-272-7204


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