An Easter Story

It’s snowing in Cody; raining in Thermop – was good to see you again. I usually get scalped in Indian casinos, so you must have brought me some luck at the Poker Table. Anyway, I’m thinking about sending the following out to my ‘group list’ this evening – and decided to run it by a few folks first — Please let me know what you think:  By the way, Valerie gave it a Thumbs Down.

The first attachment is a photo I took in the Cody Albertson’s store restroom – overlooking an urinal stall – entitled Cowboy 10 Commandments.

The second photo is one I took some 21 years ago in the spring of ’87 at Moose, WY in Jackson’s Hole. I was taking a photography class at Central Wyoming College and we were living outside Dubois. Valerie was working as the morning waitress in the Ramshorn Café. I named it the Star of Wyoming and it won the Best of Show category in the UW Rangeland Photo Contest in 1992 – and no, there was no Photoshop at that time, it was still a twinkle in someone’s eyes.

An Easter Story:

Jesus and Moses materialize in the Oval Office of the White House at the desk of the President — Donald Trump can’t believe his eyes.

Jesus: We’re not here to condemn you, Donald; we are here to save your soul – not because you deserve our special attention, but because we are scared plumb to death that the democracy we inspired through such men as Thomas Paine, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and the Roosevelt’s, is at risk because of you and your ilk – and that’s not to mention your only home … Earth … which is in danger from men such as you: Putin, Xi, and that other autocrat in North Korea, to name a few. However, in order to for us to save you, we must demonstrate to you the error of your ways, so that you will own up to the Truth in your Heart and Soul. You must also repent for the inner most conscious thoughts and words of your being up to Now. Only then, will we be able to save your soul.

On his knees by now, Trump pleads, “Please save me, my Lord – I know I am a sorry sinner.”

“What do ya think,” Jesus says to Moses.

Moses: I’m thinking that Donald, here, should have listened with open ears and a humble heart to your Sermon on the Mount – that is. If he’s even heard it or read it; he sure as hell didn’t follow your teachings. Didn’t you say something like, Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherent the Earth? Maybe he didn’t savvy what you

Jesus: When I said that, I was actually thinking about you – and the sayings, “Meek as Moses” and “Meekness compels God himself.” Ya know, ‘for a man who overcame the age old belief to the extent of manifesting the physical body of a young man in the prime of life when. … he was one hundred and twenty years old, and then transcended matter altogether, or ‘dematerialized’  without dying’, not even mentioning freeing his nation from the Egyptians, giving them the Commandments given to you by our Father by way of the burning brush, and leading them into the Promised Land, you Moses are the reality behind the saying, “Meekness compels God himself … … Which brings me to you, Donald.

Right now, you are on trial – and I’m not talking about the Meullar Investigation – I am talking about right now – and being tried by the Spiritual Laws of the Universe – and by Myself, the Supreme Justice of all. The essence of Spiritual Law is laid out plain as day in my Sermon on the Mount … I was crucified by men like you and I want those idiotic hypocrites who follow you on your twitter account and Tass, … RT, …  er, I mean Fox News, especially those who claim to be Christian Evangelicals – which they are not —  Remember that it was I who overturned the money tables inside the Tabernacle in a rage, for what they were doing inside My Father’s House … and called the High Priests, Sadducees and Pharisees, and all the religious leaders back then, “Vipers and Hypocrites.” I am revealing your true self and soul through the court of Supreme Justice. First, I want you to read Psalm 52. This is what David wrote about men like you, when he was King of Israel. You probably don’t know much about David seeing how you don’t read the Bible.

A bible appears in Moses’ hands. Jesus gives the Bible to Trump. Here, Donald, Read it out loud. Trump reads Psalm 52 out loud.

Trump: OH MY GOD!

Jesus: Moses ‘n’ me pretty much agree wholeheartedly with David … Now listen to me, Donald, as if your life depended on my words … and believe me, it does … Seek ye first the kingdom of God … Let the Holy Spirit rule your heart … Forgive all of your Enemies … and ask for Divine Forgiveness.

As for me, I’ve been chopping wood, carrying water, and reading books … trying to heal, while waiting for the Second Coming … of Ophelia.

I am also guilty of Plagiarizing: Emmet Fox this time.

Your friend, Mark

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